Q) How many people can ride at one time?

A) Our Pedal Bus holds 14 riders.  There are 10 seats for pedaling and 5 seats for those who want to watch the others pedal.  It takes a minimum of 8 people pedaling to power our bus.

Q) How long are the tours?

A) Tours are approximately 90 minutes long.  Times may vary slightly depending on the amount of stops along the way.

Q) Do I have to sign some kind of waiver?

A) Yes all riders must sign a Liability Waiver and show valid ID if they are over 21 before your tour begins.  If riders are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must sign the above agreements for them.

Q) Are their age limits to Pedal Your Own Party?

A) If you can reach the pedals, you can party.  Of course, only those 21 years of age and older will be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.

Q) What does it cost to rent Pedal Your Own Party?

A) Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays tours are $275.  Friday and Saturday tours are $300. Sunday tours are $250.  Rates for customized tours will be determined upon booking of that tour.

Q) Do the driver and Host/Bartender accept tips?

A) Yes, we pride ourselves on making sure our riders have a great time on their tour.  If you feel you enjoyed your time with us, please show our staff by means of a tip. It is a bonus to their compensation.

Q) Are we allowed to stop and get off the pedal bus during the tour?

A) Yes, you choose as a group if/where you want to stop along the route.  We recommend no more than 3 stops. Stop times run approximately 15-20 minutes.  We prefer to have the stops predetermined before the tour begins. If the group chooses not to stop, we will provide a route to utilize your entire time.

Q) What does Pedal Your Own Party supply on the tours?

A)  We supply the driver, host/bartender, cooler, ice, cups, music, and great conversation.

Q) What do I need to bring on the tour?

A) We are a Bring Your Own type of Operation. We do not
supply or sell drinks of any kind. You may bring bottles and cans, alcoholic or non, to put into the cooler we supply. However, theses bottles and cans are not allowed on the bar top and we will pour them into cups we supply for you. Thus no need to bring your metal cuzey. Glass and metal are not allowed on the bar top during operation. Your left overs will be returned to you at the end of your tour. WE CARD, so bring proper ID, you may need it
at your stops as well. Dress appropriate for the weather. We strongly recommend
no flip flops, high heels, or loose fitting shoes.  



Q) What if the weather is too bad to run the tour?

A) We will always operate for the safety of our customers, staff, and the drivers around us.  If WE cancel the tour due to weather, your tour can either be rescheduled or we will refund the deposit to you.  If YOU cancel a tour that we deem as able to run, then your money is NOT refunded.  



Q) What is your cancellation policy?

A) If you need to cancel a tour for reasons other than weather, you must cancel 48 hours before your start time. If this is done, we can either reschedule your tour or refund your deposit. Cancelations after that 48 hours will result in the loss of your deposit. No cash refunds will be given. Additionally, if your party is 20 minutes late for your start time, and you haven’t contacted us at (309) 431-7265, your tour will be cancelled and you will lose your deposit. If you are late and contact us, your tour will be
shortened to maintain our schedule for the next group.



Q) Can a rider in a group get off the tour at one of the stops and not return to the group?

A) No, we are not a hop on hop off operation.  Your groups safety and fun are our top priorities.  Therefore, if someone fails to complete a tour, the safety of that person is at risk.  Thus, if such an occasion occurs, the card holder will be charged $100.00 and it will be their responsibility to get that back from the rider who left the tour.

Q) Can we customize our tour and stops?

A) Yes we can create limited customized tour routes and stops depending on the tour date and times.

Q) Is there a charge for excess cleaning or damage on or off the pedal bus during a tour?

A) Yes we reserve the right to charge between $25-$500 for excessive cleaning on or off our bus including affected private property.  Damages to our property or other property during a tour may incur further charges and potentially may result in criminal charges. 

Q) How do I speak to a live person to ask a question that’s not listed here?

A) Feel free to contact us by phone at (309) 431-7265.  Your party is our pleasure.